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Display Function
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Pixel Pitch
  2mm-4mm  5mm-8mm  10mm-16mm  20mm-30mm  30mm Above
1. High loading support
2. Rubber Seal
3. Side-rubber(3 layers)
4. New design buckle
5. Fan-less heat sinking design
6.higher panel corners
7.Adjustable base support+Aluminum plate
8.Bolts for taking-down modules

Safety. Using the low voltage DC so that no matter the elderly and children can safely operate without potential safety hazard.

Softness. Using PCB as the substrate and can apply to various advertising model requirements.

Long lifespan. The normal operating time is 100000 hours. If worked all the day long, it would work

for at least 10 years.

Energy conservation and environmental protection. Using the environmental materials and

low power (0.04W-0.08W) so that cannot result in waste and pollution.

Easily installation. Using attaching clamp, wire casing, iron wire, iron net and can install on all kinds

of undertake surface. It can also be installed by the double-sided adhesive because of the light weight.

Pure color. Using the high bright SMT and the color is pure, downy and no glare

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