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AddressNo.538,Zhuansheng Road,Minhang District,Shanghai, China
Retail & Shop
Take supermarket lighting to a new level with the combination of LED technology and clever lighting controls. Use our solutions to set the right scene, save energy and deliver the best customer experience. What's more,our display &lighting solutions enhance product displays and help create a store ambience that makes shopping enjoyable.
Stage Rental
The efficient and timeless design of Stage Entertainment LED blends ideally into modern architectural environments, uplifting urban landscapes with its innate sense of superlative design.
Commerical Advertising
Shinyright LED digital signage and digital billboards,led lighting offer a powerful, cost-effective advertising solution that moves customers to purchase
Event & Entertainment
Shinyright Entertainment led display & lamps used in major global events.
Sports & Stadium
LED screen solutions for professional football courts, and bastketball courts, Angle-adjustable design (75㡫90) ensures that the content can be best viewed by the audience. Soft materials are used for the screen mask and the covering cushion, to protect both the screen and the players.
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