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Talent Concept :

Shinyright as Leading led display & lighting manufacturer and intergated solution expert , we need excellent talents for current usage and potential storage.

Human resources should be considered the core of a company. The staff recruits employees who can ensure its corporate development.

1. Recruitment policies

The company seeks to hire talented individuals through "openness, fairness and impartiality" and to attract, retain and nurture excellent employees under a people-oriented management concept.

The human resources department evaluates the quality and technical skills of candidates. The skills under consideration include communication, presentation, computers, language proficiency and other job relevant qualities.

2. Recruitment of talented individuals

The company hires people with special skills and talents for its product development, production, marketing and sales management,brand promotion via an open recruitment process.

3. Recruitment of professional, technical and management personnel

The company will recruit individuals holding a bachelor’s degrees or above to fill vacancies for general technical and management personnel or for talent reserves.

4. Recruitment process

(1) The company releases recruitment information according to employment requirements.

(2) The human resources department screens all candidates who have already provided relevant certificates (diplomas and various qualification certificates).

(3) The human resources department sets up interviews after initial selection procedures.

(4) Candidates must pass a physical medical examination if they pass the interview stage.

(5) The company offers salary and benefits package upon hiring qualified candidates.

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